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2 Ways of Doctrine


  • Love God Who made you.
  • Glorify God who redeemed you from death.
  • Be simple in heart and rich in spirit
  • Do not hang out with those that walk in the way of death.
  • Don’t do anything that is not pleasing to God.
  • Do not neglect any of the commands of the Lord.
  • Be humble. Don’t exalt yourself.
  • Do not enter into any wicked or evil plans against your neighbor.
  • Don’t be overconfident in your heart.
  • Don’t commit adultery.
  • Don’t corrupt yourself with mankind.
  • Don’t make use of the Word of God, to any impurity.
  • Be gentle with people when reproving anyone’s faults.
  • Don’t harbor hatred in your heart against your brother and sister.
  • Don’t entertain doubt.
  • Don’t take the Name of the Lord in vain.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Do not destroy your thoughts before they are brought forth, or kill them after they are born.
  • Don’t withdraw your hand from your son or from your daughter; but teach them from their youth, the fear of the Lord.
  • Don’t steal.
  • Don’t be double-minded or double-tongued because double-tongued is the snare of death.
  • Don’t be bitter.


  • ¬†Crooked and full of cursing.
  • Way to eternal death, with punishment.
  • Idolatry, confidence, pride of power, hypocrisy, double-mindedness, adultery, murder, pride, rape, transgression, deceit, malice, arrogance, witchcraft, and covetousness.
  • Persecutors of them that are good; haters of truth; lovers of lies.
  • Gentleness and patience they don’t have.
  • Vanity lovers who follow after rewards having no compassion on the poor
  • Evil speaking.
  • murderers of children.
  • Corrupters of the creatures of God.
  • Those that turn away from the needy; oppress the afflicted; are the advocates of the rich; but unjust judges of the poor.

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