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About me

About me:

About me, I currently work as a Professional Billing Specialist at a local hospital in the Claims Integrity Department.  Prior to that, I managed a couple of medical practices. For the most part, I have worked in medical billing, collections, and management.


Why I Have Gotten Into An Entrepreneurial Opportunities:

As I get older, working the traditional 9-5 job is becoming less appealing to me. I have been searching for opportunities where I could work from home. I have 4 children and 9 grandchildren who all live in another state. I currently live in North Carolina. I moved here in 2001 wanting to get away from Florida after a divorce. I was planning to move back after a year or two because my children were there. However, during that time, my husband, Lewis, found me, we were married and I have been here since.

We travel once a year to visit my children and we may spend one or two weeks of vacation. Each time I visit, my grandchildren are getting older. I missed seeing my first grand-daughter, Isis, grow up. Her mom picture is above. I am proud of Isis (picture below) is now ready for college and I miss out on her growing years on a daily basis. I do not want to miss out on not being there for them for the rest of my grandchildren and spending time with all of them. I am very proud of my children’s accomplishments.

I am involved with a couple of businesses and I am looking for team members to help build these businesses. I am an introvert by nature so reaching out to people has been a challenge of mine. I have to step outside my box to reach my goals.  One is moving back to Florida and the other is achieving a lifestyle of freedom.

Why I, About Me, Love Online Marketing?:

I was laid off back in 2014 for about a year. It was a miserable time for me not knowing where I was going. I went online and was searching for a business I work from home. To my surprise, I found out it was not as easy as it looked. I followed shiny object after shiny object only to be disappointed. I was not internet savvy and therefore there was a long learning curve about marketing, learning about safelists, mailers, coding, what HTML was. You see where I am going here. Fast forward, I have learned a great deal and feel confident about. I can tell what is legit and what is just junk to get your money. Believe me, I have spent money hoping to make money. The training and support were not there for the most part. I would join these programs hoping to learn something new only to find out that I was being sold a product and/or service. However, this is what marketing is about.

There are many legitimate online businesses. These legitimate businesses are not getting rich quick schemes. They are businesses that require effort and work. In the process, I have found my strengths and I have seen my weaknesses. In my current business, I have become a Director in a month and for the first time, I was able to make my first residual income.  I still have a problem reaching out to people but I am a work in progress. So if you are interested to know what I do, please reach out to me at lorendawne@gmail.com. I would love to connect with you.





I am new to blogging. I am also an affiliate marketer. That is all for now.

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