Motor Club Of America

Motor Club Of America


Having emergency roadside assistance won’t eliminate unexpected car problems but it can make them less expensive and easier to deal with. That is why Motor Vehicle Club of America is a good place to invest.


James and Clarissa drove to Orlando, Florida from New York for their vacation. They prepared for the trip by getting their vehicle tuned up. However, during the middle of their trip, their vehicle broke down. It could have been due to mechanical failure, flat tire, or dead battery. Either way, their trip is ruin due to these circumstances. Vehicle repairs can be expensive, and unexpected car problems can bust your monthly budget and empty your wallet. James and Clarissa did not have Emergency Roadside or Collision Assistance. The cost for towing could run $100 or more for a single tow plus other costs for repairing their vehicle.


Motor Club Of America
Motor Club Of America



Motor Club Of America benefits come with a host of discounts:


Rental Car Discount Up To 40% Off


Emergency travel  expenses


Unlimited emergency towing service


24-hour emergency road service


Total Security plan includes up to $100 toward towing for recreational vehicles and more


Emergency reimbursement


Daily hospital benefits


Legal Representation for Moving Violations


And so much more. It is worth having just for the other benefits.


Your MCA benefit package will cover you when in need.

You will receive a member ID card in the mail via US Postal Service within 10 business days. If you ever need assistance, just call the telephone number located on the back of your membership card.


If you need emergency roadside assistance before your membership card arrives at your home, don’t worry. Motor Club Of America will still assist you with your member ID number provided to you as soon as you join, however, service for events which occurred prior to your membership being processed are not covered.


Motor Club Of America will cover someone else vehicle long as the cardholder is present with his registered vehicle or was the driver at the time of disablement. They will dispatch the best professional roadside service available to ensure quick service and to give you peace of mind.


Your membership is active as soon as your application has been processed. However, pre-existing road service issues are not covered by your membership.


Motor Club Of America will pay towing companies fairly for the work they do rather than bullying them into unfair prices, so when MCA calls for service, their calls are often pushed to the top of the dispatch list.


With Total Security, Motor Club Of America will cover your RV, boat trailers, motorcycles, livestock trailers and dually pick up trucks for up to $100 in services.


If you are in Canada, you can contact Customer Support at 866.467.2221 for any restrictions or exclusions.


You are never locked into a contract. You may cancel at any time, simply by calling the corporate office at 1-866-467-2221.


What other plans offer all these benefits?






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